Stage construction required more than 200 local labourers, 12 forklifts, and a 120-foot-tall (37 m), 40-short-ton (36 t) crane. On stage, Bono portrayed several characters he conceived, including the leather-clad egomaniac "The Fly", the greedy televangelist "Mirror Ball Man", and the devilish "MacPhisto". [146][147] Carter described his experiences helping Sarajevans while surviving the dangerous conditions. [135], Bono began each concert as The Fly and continued to play the character for most of the first half of the concert. If he's made money, he can't have made any mistakes. [131][132] Bono wrote the song's lyrics as this character, composing a sequence of "single-line aphorisms". [13][18] Eno's original idea was to have the video screens on wheels and constantly in motion, although this was impractical. [110] Here, the band played quieter songs, such as acoustic arrangements of "Angel of Harlem", "When Love Comes to Town", "Stay (Faraway, So Close! [68] By the time "Outside Broadcast" began, Achtung Baby had sold four million copies in the US. "Zoo TV: The Inside Story" (DVD documentary), Flanagan (1996), pp. [210] U2 endorsed the effort as a representation of what the tour would have been like as a news magazine,[211] but their direct role was limited to providing half-financing and outtakes from the Zooropa album. U2 Zooropa Tour 1993Europe. The video screens produced enough backlight that few other fixtures were needed for the opening two songs of concerts. For a man who was supposed to be in hiding, it was remarkably easy to see him around the place. 1 Boxscore Tour. [201] The Edge said, "as a band I think [the tour] stretched us all. [35] About 40 feet (12 m) of tracks were laid on top of the walkway to the B-stage for a camera dolly, which could reach a height of 12 feet (3.7 m). Satellite TV pictures, the weather, shopping channel, cubic zirconium diamond rings, religious channels, soap operas...", "Mysterious Ways" featured a belly dancer on-stage, tempting Bono and dancing just out of his reach. [173] Jon Pareles of The New York Times acknowledged that U2 was trying to break its former earnest image and that they were a "vastly improved band" for being "trendy" and "funny"; yet, he commented, "U2 wants to have its artifice and its sincerity at the same time—no easy thing—and it hasn't yet made the breakthrough that will unite them. [33][38][42][43], Lighting equipment was provided by LSD. [38] The company's S4 Series II speaker cabinet was the standard model used for Zoo TV; it was based on a prototype designed for the tour and featured built-in time-alignment. [32][33] Dodds operated the tour's "custom-designed interactive video system",[34] and oversaw a crew ranging from 12 people on the arena legs to 18 for the "Outside Broadcast" leg. [85][86] Writer Bill Flanagan described the performances as "the jesters mocking the kings". [101][102] Performances of "One" were accompanied by the title word shown in many languages, as well as Mark Pellington-directed video clips of buffalos leading to a still image of David Wojnarowicz's "Falling Buffalo" photograph. The lighting system was controlled with an Avolites QM180 console. [30][69] Bono re-confirmed the singer's influence on the band by announcing, "Every song we've ever written was a rip-off of a Lou Reed song. [98][99], In a Zoo Radio interview, the Edge described the visual material that accompanied the first three songs:[65], "'Zoo Station' is four minutes of a television that's not tuned into any station, but giving you interference and shash and almost a TV picture. We allowed ourselves to be carried away by new technology. [166] The band ruled out canceling the show, since it was the only opportunity for the production crew to do a dry run of the filming. [183] U2's three sold-out shows in Foxborough, Massachusetts, grossed US$4,594,205, ranking fourth on Amusement Business's list of top boxscores for 1992. [60] In cities where scalping was rampant, only telephone sales were offered, allowing ticket brokers to cancel duplicate orders. [150] These grim interviews deviated from the rest of the show, and they were completely unscripted, leaving the group unsure of who would be speaking or what they would say. This practice has continued on their subsequent tours. U2 tour history » Songs » Zooropa. [52] The band found it challenging to recreate all the sounds from the new album. [119] Among his targets were the Archbishop of Canterbury, Helmut Kohl, Bénédict Hentsch, the Pope, Alessandra Mussolini, Hans Janmaat, Bernard Tapie, John Gummer, and Jan Henry T. [151] Though this trend had begun before the first link-up, Nathan Jackson suggested that U2's actions had brought awareness of the situation to their fans, and to the British public indirectly. Following the band's Zoo TV tour, which took aim at consumerism and media overload, U2 brought those themes and the complex, futuristic sound of its preceding album, Achtung Baby, to their somewhat illogical conclusion on Zooropa, the group's most chaotic, cutting-edge work. See the seller’s listing for full details and. [78][120], "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" and "With or Without You" were frequently played afterwards. [65][136] He often stayed in character away from the tour stage, including for public appearances and when staying in hotels. [181], By the outdoor legs, many fans knew what to expect, and Pareles observed that Bono's admonitions to never cheer a rock star were greeted with idolatrous applause; he concluded that the show's message of scepticism was somewhat lost on the audience and that, "No matter what Bono tells his fans, they seem likely to trust him anyway. In a 1992 end-of-year poll, readers of Q voted U2 "The Best Act in the World Today". Mullen and Clayton moved to Manhattan, where they sought out music lessons to become better musicians. [122][123], On 11 June 1992, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA appeared on-stage in Stockholm for the first time in years to perform "Dancing Queen" with the band,[124] which U2 had frequently performed on the tour up to that point. [94], The concert began with a fixed sequence of six to eight consecutive Achtung Baby songs, a further sign that they were no longer the U2 of the 1980s. "[16], While on a break from recording, the band invited production designer Willie Williams to join them in Tenerife in February 1991. [223] In 2009, critic Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune said, "Zoo TV remains the finest supersized tour mounted by any band in the last two decades. The band had to purchase a satellite dish to be sent to Sarajevo and had to pay a £100,000 fee to join the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). [27][28] The set's giant video screens showed footage of the band members performing, pre-recorded video, live television transmissions, and flashing text phrases. [33] Williams originally planned to use 12 cars but scaled back after the tour's video production expanded. [98][106] Since this material was complex and layered, most numbers featuring pre-recorded or offstage percussion, keyboard, or guitar elements underlying the U2 members' live instrumentals and vocals. [112], The group and the music industry were unsure how fans would receive the tour beforehand. [128] In 2010, Clayton recalled that "Bono had been calling Salman Rushdie from the stage every night on the Zoo TV tour. [74], Although Zoo TV was listed as co-sponsored by MTV,[75] the group decided against explicit corporate sponsorship. [32][36][37], Personal computers were used to sequence specific pre-recorded video segments and distribute them to the proper outputs; the engineers could select one or many displays to which to output each content source, whether it be a single video cube or an entire screen. [212] Although critics were much less receptive to PopMart, in a 2009 interview, Bono said that he considers that tour to be their best: "Pop(Mart) is our finest hour.

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