Cuba has few four-footed native wild animals. The wild animals also are those known in Europe, with the addition of tigers and panthers. One of the main reasons is that they are wild animals with in-born instincts.

The chief feature of this is a magnificent panorama, from the central point of which large collections of wild animals are visible without any intervening bars.

It is a parade of wild animals Our world is now a pitiful weakling It groans with the burden of an elephant corpse! Feral kittens grow up as if they are wild animals and become completely unapproachable. A variety of wild animals caught in the chase were kept alive and fed for slaughter. up.

Among the wild animals are the elephant (comparatively rare), the leopard, varieties of antelope, many kinds of monkeys and numerous venomous snakes. The tiger takes the first place among wild animals. amusement parks should not be allowed to keep wild animals? They do not represent the opinions of

Elephants, tigers, bears, leopards and other wild animals are found.

She hopes that the wild animals will stop the world's media getting too close. Probably no country in the world, excepting perhaps inner Africa, so abounds in wild animals as the cold solitudes of the northern plateau. This is the perfect time to explain that Santa might not really be able to bring a unicorn since he knows your neighborhood isn't zoned for wild animals and since you don't have a good local supplier of magical creature chow.

wild animals in a sentence - Use "wild animals" in a sentence 1. Many of these find their way to the great shipping-ports, where there have grown up establishments that trade in wild animals. These probably afford the principal means by which wild animals are able to become aware of the presence of other members of the species, even at great distances. Log in or register to post comments; 3327x . The supply of some of the most valuable, such as sable, silver and natural black fox, sea otter and ermine, which are all taken from animals of a more or less shy nature, does very gradually decrease with persistent hunting and the encroachment of man upon the districts where they live, but the climate of these vast regions is so cold and inhospitable that the probabilities of man ever permanently inhabiting them in numbers sufficient to scare away or exterminate the fur-bearing wild animals is unlikely. I grabbed a picture card, looked at what was in the picture, and then used my reading finger to read aloud the sentence that matched! 14. More than 90 percent of animal rabies cases occur in such wild animals as skunks, bats, and raccoons, with such domestic animals as dogs and cats accounting for fewer than 10 percent of cases. My city doesn't have a lot of forest, meadow and therefore there are not many wild animals. 17.

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