I think getting the conversations started helps us open our eyes to the different scenarios and at least begin thinking about where our food comes from. Soda or pop. China's rise is making your burger more expensive, Michael Pollan thinks Wall Street has way too much influence over what we eat.

It seems that in our busy life of fast food and convenience, many people have become so disconnected from their food, they don’t know where their food actually comes from (or what it is made of!).

I love this activity! Love this activity! Some counties are up to 63 percent covered in corn. But, the country largely produces corn, cottonseed oil, beans, sweet potatoes, chillies and peppers – all native to Central America. My little kids would point out their favorites, but were a little more entertained trying all of the juicy samples:). This section builds on the learning from the 5-7 years area. We used card stock and markers and they helped each other decipher handwriting and illustrate their food mapping data.

Archaeologist claims to... Coral 'bright spots' could save threatened reefs:... Don't go west if you want to win!

The rich region in Texas is doing it through cattle. And that age has been getting older and older each year for some time now. (For the record, Vox's Matthew Yglesias thinks it's just fine to have more bars than grocery stores.

All food comes from plants or animals; Food has to be grown, reared or caught; Food is produced and processed in different ways.

This pattern may have something to do with the decline in other beverages, such as juice, powdered drinks, and soft drinks.

The Huffington Post's accompanying feature on local drinking laws is well worth a read, too. And together, corn and soybeans make up almost half of America's crop revenues. But, as a proportion of their intake, they're not eating nearly enough fruit, vegetables, or dairy. Food is produced all around the world; Different types of food are grown, reared or caught, and some of this is seasonal; There are a number of different stages in producing and processing food.
In 1997, the regional wars between the fast food joints Carl's Jr. and Hardee's took an odd turn when the California-founded Carl's Jr. bought out the North Carolina-founded Hardee's. Soda's support is centered in the Northeast, California, and a hub of influence near the Missouri/Illinois border.

This food mapping activity helps kids understand more about our food system. This map shows whether foods that include genetically modified ingredients, such as GMO corn and soy, are required by law to be labeled. (The map is also designed so that the dots' locations are the places where people are most likely to spend cash, according to Dirk Brockmann's wheresgeorge.com research.). Waffle House was founded in Georgia in 1955. It was a great food mapping activity, that combined geography, with some science and nutrition thrown in.

But China also has a lot of people. The story of the decline in farm labor and farms looks, at first …

The kids found the fruits that had traveled the farthest (Australia and New Zealand), and we talked about how they could have arrived to the US (via barges, traveling across the oceans). At the same time, Americans are eating roughly 400 more calories a day, an increase of about 20 percent. According to the USDA, in 2012 about a third of farmers were older than 65. In a world with a population of 7.8 billion people and an average growth rate of 81 million people per year, there are many mouths to fill. That's roughly 1 in 10 people.

But what it shows is kind of amazing. And for those who wish to discuss, the USDA's interactive Food Access Research Atlas is here. Producers of Gruyère cheese joined forces in 1992 – and it’s paid off. Forget welcoming our robot overlords. But cows aren't the only farm animals of interest.

Local Harvest, a US-based web site that helps find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies. But, sadly for the East Coast, In-N-Out remains a decidedly Western phenomenon. Really?) Just look at all that pink. I am studying primary education and had an idea for my students to design and create their own veggie garden and I was looking for ideas on how to link this to geography and digital technologies with an interactive world globe that I have. I think that was great add on from your kids. According to the US Department of Agriculture's most recent survey in 2012, about 4 percent of US farms currently produce 66 percent of farm products, by value.

As of April 4, the nationwide tally has soda (41 percent) is ever so slightly beating out pop (39 percent). The CDC suggests at least two servings of fruit and at least three servings of veggies a day. Black is McDonald's, so you can feel the relative influence of non-Mickey D's restaurants by the splashes of color. But food stamp participants aren't spread out evenly across the country. Our map is a comprehensive snapshot of all food flows between counties in the U.S.—grains, fruits and vegetables, animal feed, and processed food items. You can see the dominance of Pizza Hut, its abundant red squares scattered across the land like pepperoni. But others are selling more than $750,000. Researchers say sports... 'Lucky I was there!'

Not a result I would have expected at all. That’s particularly true in the US, where food insecurity coexists with an obesity crisis, where fast food is everywhere and farmer’s markets are spreading, where foodies have never had more power and McDonald’s has never had more locations, and where the possibility of a barbecue-based civil war is always near. Switzerland, Adults              CHF 13.00 (Countries colored the palest green have no labeling regulations. For example, the US doesn't require any GMO labeling at all. (It was founded in Vancouver, Washington.). Labels identifying origin make products more exclusive. Many farm operators aren't making their living from farming.

We also had a lot of fruit from California, which produces more than half of all of the fruits and vegetables in the US. The analysis also showed that previous models of Earth's carbon cycle had underestimated the corn belt's productivity by roughly 50 percent. Created by Rachel Pereira, Joseph Lopilato, Nathan Santichen and Elante Ingram. One of the fascinating areas to me in this is the opportunity to highlight the different inputs of environmental impact – it’s not just about buying local, you also have to buy things that grow *well* locally – otherwise you might be doing less damage by importing. Some of that might be cultural, but much of it is simple economics: meat is expensive compared to plant-based foods, and China's GDP per capita is around a fifth of the US's. We talked about how citrus grows in the winter in warmer climates, and how in January, the oranges, lemons, and limes would probably come from Florida or Texas.

On the whole, consumption of fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meat has stayed relatively stable over that period of time. Transporting food International trade has increased greatly over the past few decades. North America also produces foods that stem from West and Central Asia, the graphic reveals, including wheat, apples, grapes, and lettuce.

Blue states don't have any statewide ban on public drinking, and green states have pending legislation that would allow it. This map shows how much meat gets consumed in each country, with each nation's sized skewed accordingly.

Note the blue iced beverage region in the hot, lower latitudes.

The huge expanse of American land and the vast number of climates across the country allowed the US to grow a more diverse set of crops and raise more kinds of animals than our competitors. But Europe completely disagrees.

Using Google Map technology, the virtual map brings these issues directly to the classroom, your discussion group, and your breakfast table. So whether a Waffle House has made it through an extreme weather event can be a handy thing to know.

Cultivation of crops and storage and processing of food all have an environmental impact too. California is, unsurprisingly, the site of much of the most valuable land for crops.

I’m linking back to this for my readers, what an amazing resource! Definitely a great activity.

In a new study, researchers with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture mapped the origins of crops around the world, creating a series of interactive charts to show how far they've journeyed from their primary regions. Hovering over North America on the map, for example, will reveal that the country is originally home to blueberries, cranberries, grapes, pumpkins and gourds, raspberries, strawberries, and sunflower. This map, from Texas Monthly, is ready to put up a fight in favor of the various varieties of barbecue that the Lone Star State produces. Perhaps it was because we went to Whole Foods- which tries to stock lots of local items- but I was pleasantly surprised that we had a LOT of food grown locally in our state (Texas). Many areas these days are focusing almost exclusively on one crop — a practice called monoculture. But starting in the '80s, Americans have been eating more grains, caloric sweeteners (such as sugar and corn syrup), and fats.

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