Surf movies fall into three distinct genres: the surfing documentary - targeting the surfing enthusiast; the 1960s beach party films - targeting the broader community; fictional feature films with a focus on the reality of surfing Surfing documentaries. Surfing with its beautiful images, full-tilt action, and colorful characters (not to mention lots of tanned skin for sexy celluloid flair) should be a natural hit in the theater. And there are a few out there that are a necessary education, from critical moments in our sport, movements … With TheSurfnetwork you'll find only professionally produced films and videos covering all aspects of the surf lifestyle including longboarding, documentaries, big wave, shortboarding, event coverage, and more. It's impossible to think of beach movies without thinking of Gidget.Sandra Dee is perfect as Gidget, the title character of the 1957 novel Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas. Columbia Pictures. Was it smart? We’ve put together five surf movies you can watch online for free. Vain? I watched The Decline Of Surfing Civilization and other old …Lost movies religiously throughout my adolescence. Like my other surf movies, the original elements of BAREFOOT ADVENTURE - film, narration, music - lay in bits and pieces in my attic. With time, I became old enough to convince morally corrupt (but not quite depraved) strangers to buy me beer and I drank it. Gidget (given the name because of her small stature, i.e., "Girl" plus "Midget") is a lovable tomboy who learns to surf while all the other girls are learning how to snare boys. Stream the Planet's Largest Surf Movie and Video Library - only $5.99 a month, free 7-day trial. Everything from 70s surf classic films to the latest brand videos. It seems like a no-brainer. Over the years, Hollywood has made a few surf movies, or shall we say Hollywood has made some attempts at bringing the sport of surfing to the big screen. "Big Rock" Surfing at Big Rock in La Jolla, Dec. 1976. Everyone loves a good surf movie! Music by Wishbone Ash "You See Red." No. There’s dozens of surf movies out there to entertain yourself with on a flat day, from classics like The Endless Summer, to cheese fests (Point Break, we’re looking at you…) to bad Hollywood takes like Blue Crush and Chasing Mavericks. Weeks were spent opening unmarked film cans and viewing old surfing footage in search of missing shots. Hells yeah! Most of the film had been taken apart for use in other projects. If I drank too much of it I would do things like light my hair on fire, boobs, tackle garbage cans or take my clothes off.

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