Midsole: Full-length Zoom Air bag, EVA foam. Just have a strange feeling recently…. The responsiveness increases with speed, as higher running paces (7 min/mile or under 5 min/km or faster) rewards you with a quick snap-back reaction. A couple of years ago, if you had asked solereview about the one shoe which could do it all, it was the adidas Supernova Glide. I have done 20 miles in the Epic React, and my feet felt great post run. The top layers are comprised of a removable blown-foam sockliner and an EVA foam lasting, so there’s plenty of step-in softness for low-intensity activities. I didn’t find the 34s to have quite enough arch support for me, but I only require light to moderate arch support. The issue with my hamstring came back almost immediately after running in the Peg 35s. I think one of the best aspects of this shoe is its ability to cater to many different types of runners.

We usually buy products at full retail price. She’s often found tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning. I’m very used to 4mm drop and just recently went up to 6mm, and I’m pretty comfortable between these drops so far. So in short, the forefoot is snug and the toe-box is shallow but without any pressure hot-spots. I noticed in comparing the Peg34 to the 35 that the 35 has less stack height. Like the previous version, the midfoot is sleeved and eliminates tongue slide. Regardless of the Pegasus version, the cushioning was neither too soft nor too firm. In the back, the new outwards-flaring heel grips securely. Thomas: This is a superior daily trainer. En effet, par rapport au modèle précédent, les Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 sont plus légères mais également plus dynamiques au niveau de l’amorti grâce à une semelle plus ferme.

Autant vous épargner le suspense tout de suite : cette 35ème version des chaussures running les plus célèbres de Nike sont une grande réussite. I weighed my size 10.5 in at 10 oz. Nike also moved the bottom eyelets up, it doesn’t sound like much, but it totally changes the way the upper fits and flexes. As long as the shoe doesn’t get in the way of your stride with a high stack or stretch out your Achilles too much in a low stack, you should be fine. The Flywire cords make the midfoot secure, and the flat laces sit flush over the moderately padded tongue.

Pour des chaussures plus moelleuses nous vous conseillons les Nike Epic React Flyknit. Due to fewer lacing rows, the Flywire isn’t intrusive like on the Pegasus 34. While the shoe was never positioned as an entry-level product, it was always an excellent generalist. The ladies version is softer than the men’s. If anything, the Pegasus’s cushioning is more of a medium-soft kind. The midsole is also supportive and very neutral, and this wholesome behavior will appeal to most runners. Previously, the area of exposed midsole foam under the heel performed the role of both a cushioning and transition agent. So it’ll be some time before we can ascertain the change in the thickness of the Zoom Air bag. You’ll see a lot of familiar names here. This update has no negative effect on the fit quality. The zoom unit is different and the shoe is lighter. I traine mainly for Marathon’s. Not bad for a durable daily trainer. One other observation is about the Cushlon foam; it seems to be affected by temperature. Meaghan: I know the beveled heel is the “look” right now, but does anyone else think these are little elf-like? On n'oubliera pas non plus de mentionner le design très joli qui ravira les amateurs de sneakers les plus pointilleux. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. At faster paces, the ride feels great too. The update makes the heel edge slightly firmer than the 34 but improves the quality of rearfoot landings. Hope you can give me some inputs. Have you run on the Odyssey React? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Enfin, la partie supérieure des Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 35 est en forme de demi-chausson avec un rembourrage discret pour un maintien du pied sûr et confortable. It has the perfect amount of cushion and firm. The build quality is very durable, and the upper is available in four widths. The upper isn’t very fancy but gets the job done. As you know, solereview invites readers to send in their reviews and we’ve received a number of Pegasus 35 reviews. Any Pegasus is solid for training, but you may want to go a little lighter for race day! Maybe too soft. The Zoom Air bag makes the forefoot slightly stiff, and this helps with economical toe-offs. The ride changes significantly depending on the gait pattern. Thomas: The Pegasus 35 is remarkable simply because it is an entirely new shoe that still has the characteristics of the Pegasus lineage. The 22 has a perforated heel midsole, so the ride is softer than the 21. Il améliore les performances des sportifs et supprime les problèmes causés par la compression du pied dans la chaussure, grâce à son réglage micrométrique et personnalisable. Instead of a conventional heel, the collar flares outwards in a ‘lip’ shape. Here’re the relevant parts of the reviews (highlighted in italics) without any editing: 1. A transparent laminate cups either side of the heel, and this section also houses the numeral ’35’. “They’ve actually replaced my HOKA Napali (a rare occurrence).” When moment I understand, Pegasus 35 not come for be just another running shoes made by Nike. I’ve some over pronation, do you think that Pegasus 35 can be a good choice? Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Review Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Review. It’s comfortable. Recently some excellent running shoes are coming out of Reebok. As the name suggests, this cushioning technology involves a urethane chamber with pressurized gas. The mesh upper looks different but isn’t that much of a change from the traditional Peg. This year in July, Nike entered the world market of running shoes in a really big style when introduced its new Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo. Hello, once again excellent review. But less than 200 miles in, the outsole is shredded. The Pegasus 35 now retails at $120, bringing it at par with comparable models such as the Saucony Ride, the Brooks Ghost, and the Asics Cumulus. Nike has applied Mo’s preference in heel counters to the Pegasus 35.

I normally run 12-15kms a week and I also do speed work twice a week? If you’re a rearfoot striker, heel strikes happen exactly where they should – clearing the edge by a comfortable margin. Regardless of the thickness, the full-length Zoom Air is effective both from a responsiveness and cushioning perspective. If you want to go even more minimal and spend less, the Nike Zoom Speed Racer 6 is the perfect 5K shoe. These updates help outsole articulation during movement and reduce stiffness. This cavity tapers into a narrow and deep channel under the midfoot and forefoot, bifurcating the outsole into separate sections. The outer heel is short on aesthetic details. I would stick with the same size, but Running Warehouse and Nike offer 30-day tryouts with free shipping both ways, so why not order both and send back the one that doesn’t fit as well. I think this shoe will work for just about anyone. Over the sides, the fused Swoosh logos do their bit by keeping the outer upper from splaying out. If you do try them out, let me know what you think!

The Epic React doesn’t work for every runner though, while the Pegasus 35 will work for the majority of runners.” — Thomas Neuberger, Believe in the Run […]. If you would have to choose a shoe for marathon (I hope to finish sub 4 hour); I’m a 6’2″ 195lbs runner. Would you choose the Epic React, Peg 35 or Peg Turbo for the Marathon. Underneath, the colony of pentagonal outsole lugs do an excellent job at hugging the surface. Having said that, there’s are a couple of reader insights we’d like to share. There’s a new midsole with updated materials and the upper leaves most of the overlays behind. If you would have to choose a shoe to run a marathon (I aim for a sub-4-hour time / 6’2″ and 195lbs). Interesting you say it could replace the Napali which has been my dream Hoka and my goto for long and recovery runs. Vos données ne seront jamais partagées avec un tiers.

Would you go for the Epic React, Peg 35 or Peg Turbo? Here’s a cross-sectional picture of the Zoom Air bag which shows the inner workings of a drop-stitch design. The changes come at a $10 upcharge. Ok, this part is slightly tricky. But if you’ve historically worn a 2E (wide) in other running shoes, buying the wide version would be wise. The Pegasus 35 also runs warm due to its double layered upper construction. The Pegasus is also a great marathon shoe because of its desirable fit and ride manners. There’s an inner sleeve attached directly to the tongue, thus eliminating any chance of sideways slide. The full-length Zoom configuration also makes the ride smoother as opposed to a separate heel and forefoot Zoom Air bag set-up. or the Epic React? The Harmony OSR Road 2 is priced the same as the Pegasus and has a cushioned heel with a relatively firm forefoot for efficient transitions. Rather, we quite like how the 35’s heel fits. Nike has recently released the Zoom Elite with minor updates. The full-length Zoom design of the Pegasus 35 is half the thickness (refer to the comparison picture above) of the heel and forefoot Zoom found in the earlier versions. That said, the lack of overlays over the upper means that there’s a fair bit of wiggle room for the toes. So if you sense that the cushioning feels slightly flat after a few hundred miles, it’s most likely due to the foam.

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