I have the Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze lights on my other daily use guitar and I have to say at this point I like the feel and tone of the Elixir string a lot better, They are a bit less expensive too. Ditto for the island of Yap in the Western Carolines. A local gigging musicial I know swears by d'addario and he gave me a pack to try. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chB_KFdVGdM&feature, http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default ... dID=236287.

I mean, I've been on Guam for many months and not once did I see strings blow off the guitar or rust overnight. I've used some Martins but didn't like the ones I tried. I got a nice used Reverend guitar, strings lasted 3+ months and of course didn't know what brand they were. FWIW, I agree with you about the HD Lights - they're good strings! Short story, I like them so much that I threw a set on the mahogany 00 last night - same reaction. Bingo. Take Care. I resent the tone of "promotion" and 'pitch" regarding my comments. Got some Ernie Ball wrapped in plastice and they were already rusted in package for G B E. Go figure that one out. I vote wholeheartedly for the Elixer Light strings. Every now and then something new comes along and I give it a try (and write a little review) but I haven't done the back to back blind recording that I did back in 2008. I am sharing my experience because I found a good one. Hawaii might have been the same had it not been for it being Hawaii. I agree that in the video posted above the lifespan sound better, but if you use elixirs then you know they take a little longer to break in, due to the coating. Tried EXPs, Everclear, Martin lifespan, etc.

Oh, and have you ever thought abought wiping "regular strings" down with a preservative oil? Elixirs are OK and make almost no finger squeak noises. The Lifespans sound closer to 80/20 (and better) on most of my guitars.

Gibson ES-335 Studio 2016; Furch OM34sr 2015; Fender MiJ Geddy Lee Jazz bass, 2009; Taylor 414CE 2005; Guild D35 NT 1976; Fender MIM Classic 60s Tele 2008; Fender US Standard Strat 1992; G&L ASAT classic hollowbody 2005; Ibanez RG350MDX 2010(?

If you're coming from Elixrs to these, you will definitely get more finger squeak, but it's not that big a deal for me. Its kind of ironic that a string that is supposed to last a long time looks old after only a week or so. I guess the preservative oil wipe down prevented thator there's a different humidity over there. I just put a set of the martin lifespan msp 7100 on my GPCPA1. Just an FYI regarding strings.

Then I see a new gauge set from Elixer - they call them "Light HD" (don't know what the HD stands for - maybe Heavy Duty?). I just really like the way they feel. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Still, they don't last anywhere as near as long. Final note on "paper or plastic": have some packs of Martins, in paper for quite some time and no rust problem. They've been the strings of choice on both my Juber guitars (OMC-18VLJ & OM28-LJ) for years now. The idea was to compare the two main compositions of the windings (PB vs 80/20) and to see if coatings had any effect on the sound and life of the string. There was a time when Sadowsky was out of the strings I bought for the Jimmy Bruno Model and one of the technicians told me that I didn't hear it from him but to buy Chromes until their stock built back up. Treated to extend lifespan and boasting an excellent frequency response and feel, they also present excellent value, which is why they head up our best acoustic guitar strings guide. I am sharing my experience because I found a good one. Isn't that what these forums are for: to share info and help each other out? Ditto for the island of Yap in the Western Carolines.

I actually kinda like the Lifespans on that guitar. Tried EXPs, Everclear, Martin lifespan, etc.

I've always enjoyed Elixir strings on most guitars.

I think the 'HD' stands for 'High Definition,' which is probably a marketing buzzword. My favorite strings are Martin SP lights uncoated but I got tired of changing strings and the wisp you get from fingers and nails going across the wound strings. The EXP's are plastic-wrapped. Sounds too much like black magic.

Not good to my ears. I also consider elixir string to be probably the least expensive strings out there (as mentioned) due to their long life.

I watched a few of elixir's videos on the HDs basically it was designed primarily for small bodied guitars. For my flat-tops, I stick with various EXP's or Nano's. Muted and soul-less. To me, Martins sound a bit more natural and do not last as long. I do prefer the sound of fresh Sunbeams, but Elixir PB's also sound great and I use them on my acoustic electric. Different people had different ideas about which string they thought sounded best (as should be), but the result for me was that Elixer Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze became my string of choice for all my different acoustic guitars and I have been using them sincee. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Those are the first coated strings that I have liked. They sound good to me as well. Only use aircon here on hottest of hot days in April. Clear editor. I've heard Martin has some retro Monel alloy strings on the market. The strings literally felt identical in tension and elasticity to the one and half month old strings on my guitar. I resent the tone of "promotion" and 'pitch" regarding my comments. I actually put my Elixirs in a plastic bag because they may be sitting there for a year or more. Finally broke down and tried Elixir. There are many different strings that are just as enjoyable, if for slightly different reasons. Could be wrong. I guess the preservative oil wipe down prevented thator there's a different humidity over there. Do you keep your guitars in an aircon space? Finally broke down and tried Elixir. I'll try to get around to making some clips but in the meantime I need to run to the music store and get a couple more sets. Anyway, I put the Lifespans on my favorite old 000 and within a week they had started tarnishing at the first five frets on all strings - they looked like they had been on forever.   Pasted as rich text.

any others out there care to share their experiences between the two? Verdict - I don't like strings that look old or tarnish my fingers.

I live the feel of the nanoweb.

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