Henry admits he is feeling terrible since he found the graves of his wife and child, which Roni sympathizes with because of how hard it is to move on from them but he has to let go eventually. After school, Henry is saddened to learn that Regina killed Archie. ("Broken"), Outside the town hall, Henry waits with Ruby for David. Regina notices Henry conversing with the stranger, and comes out to investigate, but the man drives away quickly on his motorcycle.

("True North"), In the morning, Henry walks out of his house with his backpack when he sees the stranger from last night with his motorcycle and a large box attached to the back of it. By the end of it, Kelly unhappily confronts Roni before telling Henry to leave. ("Souls of the Departed"), Continuing to look for Hook in the north woods, Henry reminds Emma that they already looked at this area and found nothing, but she insists on trying again until they find something.

Spezies Fearing Cora will follow through with hurting Regina's father, Emma pushes Regina to do as Cora says and leave the Underworld with Henry and Robin. Worried about Emma's lack of belief in the curse, Henry seeks out August at his bed and breakfast guest room.

He exemplifies that Neverland runs on the power of belief, but Henry’s world is no longer full of magic because the people there have stopped believing. Before Regina and Henry leave together, Emma cautions that there is a problem in town that only a savior can solve.

("Selfless, Brave and True"), On a trip to the park, Henry and Neal practice wooden sword fighting. Back at the hospital, Henry and the others watch from outside the door as John Doe is put into recovery when a blonde woman, Kathryn, rushes in. Ivy texts Henry to meet her in the office lobby, however, Roni replies for him, telling Ivy "he" will be there, only to delete both texts from Henry's phone afterward.

He then hands Henry a scarab to give to Emma, stating that the item is a gift from one Savior to another.

("Hyperion Heights"), During his time in the New Enchanted Forest, Henry befriends a man named Jack.

While hiding, Henry notices a light coming through the keyhole of the door illustration that extends towards a table drawer. Er küsst seine Mutter auf die Stirn und bricht damit den Fluch. Hair color:

However, six weeks later, they return to Storybrooke with no memories of their time in Camelot. Henry Daniel Mills, also known as Young Man, the Truest Believer and the Author, is a character on ABC 's Once Upon a Time. Jasmine, distraught over the possibility that Aladdin is already dead, seeks refuge on the loft's second floor, where Henry tries to offer support to her. Of course, love can make you do things you may not have ever expected to be capable of, especially when the people you care about most are in danger. He finds the shears inside the box and later disappears to the docks to dispose of them like Emma wanted, but Hook finds him and tries to explain why he kept the shears. Als Emma anfängt, Visionen von ihrem eigenen Untergang zu sehen, beginnt Henry sich die Schuld dafür zu geben, dass er sie nach Storybrooke gebracht hat, um überhaupt erst die Retter(in) zu werden. Violet keeps him company until Emma stops by to talk. Henry attests that he still does need her and warmly embraces a tearful Regina. Regina drags Henry back home while Sheriff Graham takes care of the investigation, but he sneaks out into the forest as a search party is ongoing.

He admits to not liking it but wants her to be happy.

Regina calls Mr. Gold over, who kindly gives Henry a necklace that lets him control his actions in the nightmare. As the girl opens her eyes, Henry and Jacinda are elated by her return and keep her company as she eats. Lucy believes it is more than enough proof that the curse is real and vows to give to her mother to make her remember. This gives Mary Margaret an idea—they can send the trigger through a portal just like they did with the Wraith.

Henry hat ein schlechtes Gewissen, dass Jacinda das Sorgerecht für Lucy verloren hat, da sie weggelaufen ist, um ihn zu finden und er versucht, sich mit Jacinda zu versöhnen, indem er ihr hilft, Lucy zu sehen. Weaver apologizes for the past unpleasantness and insists he needs Henry's help to unravel the Candy Killer's motives because the killer is a fan of Henry's novel.

Henry wakes Cinderella, who chastises for crashing her chariot before commenting on Henry’s weird “headless horse”.

Once David is out of sight, he runs off to find the owner of the portal hat, Jefferson, who tells him about Regina's vault that may contain magic. Inside Regina's garage, August and Emma find a shovel is a perfect match for the piece they found earlier.

Emma is not convinced and uses her "superpower" to detect his lie.

He tries to sympathize with Nick's ideations because he is clearly still not over losing his sister, while Nick agrees that the pain is quite real and Henry will help him get revenge on the one who hurt him the most. Meanwhile, Henry builds up the courage to finally approach Jacinda and ask her out on a date.

As Henry drowns his feelings by getting drunk, Roni takes away his drink and persuades him to spend his energy by joining her for a trip to California to look for someone whose help she needs. Land Without Magic Character Emma opens the door just as David is preparing to come in.

Henry correctly guesses that she didn’t come to fall in love with a prince, which she confirms, stating that she wants the prince dead for murdering her father. However, Victoria sees Henry as a nuisance and wants him far away from her family.

Henry, upset at her decision, retorts that she is also his mom. Instead, David forfeits his freedom to allow Snow to go in his stead. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home"), That same night, Henry exits the diner with David, Hook and Mary Margaret only to see a heated confrontation taking place between Robin Hood's apparently deceased wife, Marian, who Emma saved from a past timeline by bringing to the present, and a silent Regina. He learns that her illness has forced Pan to keep everyone away and that her name is Wendy. Name

"Pilot" She bribes Emma to spend some time with him so she can speak to Mr. Gold for thirty minutes.

He intends to finish what Neal couldn't, and from reading his father's journal, he and Violet are led to the Midtown Library's rare reading room.

Hook breaks into the mayor's office to take Henry away, but he walks right into the boy's rigged trap and falls flat on his back. ("Broken Heart"), Learning Hook has unleashed the previous Dark Ones from the Underworld, Henry goes with Emma to the pawnshop in search of him, while everyone else splits up to cover more ground. Roni then almost tells him the truth but catches herself before she does and instead says she is glad that they are getting to know each other. Roni reminds him not to give up and how much Lucy needs his belief even if she can't ask for it right now. Moments after, the town suffers an earthquake and a large sinkhole appears at the entrance of an abandoned mine.

("Breaking Glass"), Henry gathers with Belle, David, Hook, Mary Margaret, Mr. Gold and Regina where they watch a camera recording of a young Emma and her prior foster mother, who is none other than the Snow Queen herself.

After Liam and Nemo's reunion, Emma wants an explanation from Hook and Henry about what happened, to which Killian allows Henry leave while he tells Emma the whole truth. Status: She return Henry to Boston, where he will be given to the next potential family. As the Merry Men scurry about, Henry goes to help them while Regina and Robin Hood continue talking. Henry picks up his daughter from her cradle on his way out and notices Regina lingering behind. Having experienced the loss of a parent too, Henry recalls having little time to know his father, and that there is a lot he didn't get to tell him before his death. GALLERY. Emma notices that Henry has converted her room into an armory.

Ruby, sensing something is off, goes with Emma to check Archie's office while Henry heads off to the bus stop for school.

When she accepts and leaves her office, he breaks in to steal keys to the vault and unlock a box only for poisonous vipers to rear up at him. Setting down the storybook on the counter, Henry elaborates about all the bad things that happen to Regina in it.

Just then, Hook strolls in; earning himself a punch from David's fist.

Physical Description

("Dreamcatcher"), In the diner, Henry waits with Granny for everyone else to return from their quests to get the Promethean flame and Excalibur. Pan plant, in Henrys Körper den Dunklen Fluch nachzuspielen, um Storybrooke zum "neuen Nimmerland" zu machen.

Despite how far-fetched the situation sounds, Neal allows Emma to look under the floorboards.

He offers her a ride on his bike, and as he is teaching her how to use it, she playfully compliments him and questions him about his knowledge of her story’s ending. Once Snow reunites with her son, Henry records the story in the book with the quill, complete with a drawing of Snow with baby Neal, which he shows to David. After Gideon, the hooded figure destined to kill Emma, arrives in Storybrooke, Henry's Author powers start taking over him, as they can sense the upcoming final chapter of the story – the final battle. He tells Roni that Lucy's condition is stable but she's not getting any better, in addition to him not being able to do anything else to help. At her apartment, Jacinda excitedly reveals the shards he gave her were a perfect fit for the slipper and she would show it to him, but Lucy ran off somewhere with it. After learning from Rogers that Jacinda and Lucy are not doing well since yesterday's events, Henry returns to Hyperion Heights to apologize to Jacinda for what he did. When a bloody and beaten Hook materializes in front of Emma, Henry is startled by the gruesome injuries, causing Regina and Robin to shield him from looking any further.

His mom walks in with his storybook, and asks where the torn out pages are.

The lead Lost Boy, Felix, has the Shadow dispose of Greg, as the other Lost Boys pursue Henry, who flees, while Tamara is shot by an arrow. Rogers has his turn with Galaga, and later Henry attempts to get a higher score in the game but fails miserably to the point Rogers jokes that he only has one good hand and still did better than him.

He points out that she won't find anything because she's using the spell to search for Robin, who is gone.

When the Darkness is taken from both Emma and Hook, who also became the Dark One, the process causes Hook's death. Emma deducts he has been kidnapped. Emma is confused until she goes into the sheriff's office to see what he is talking about. He thanks her by endearingly calling her "grandma", though Belle humorously quips that using just her name is fine. A panicked Emma accidentally collapses a streetlight, though David pushes Hook out of the way and takes the hit instead. Emma tells Henry that they need to contact Regina since they wrongfully blamed her for murder, though they may pay the price. Having no one else to turn to in this difficult time, she considers Henry the only one who understands her as he has lost family like her and perhaps they could fix each other. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer"), Henry awakens under a tree after being unconscious for a period of time, where Pan encourages him to try his hand at target practice.

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