Limoncello Ricotta Cake with cream cheese frosting is the perfect birthday cake or dessert for any special occasion. Lemon Ricotta Cake – Italian Ricotta Cake. It's an Italian inspired, made from scratch cake that has such an irresistible flavor. Almond Ricotta Cake is another delicious Italian cake that is super simple to make ahead. Looking for a simple ricotta cake recipe? Great for brunch, after dinner, or a snacking cake to serve with coffee. This Italian-inspired orange ricotta cake is moist, soft, and bursting with intense orange flavor from zest and fresh orange slices! Look no further because it doesn’t get any easier than this ricotta cake made with cake mix. Adding fresh lemon juice means the cake batter might look a little curdled, but it’s totally fine. Trust me, this is a cake … Lemon ricotta cake is a rich and delicious Italian dessert. Tips for making Ricotta Cake. Two traditional ingredients for lemon ricotta cake are ricotta cheese and ground almonds, both … Made with ricotta cheese, a box of cake mix, and eggs, this cake is moist, dense, and full of flavor. Almond Ricotta Cake . This Lemon Ricotta Cake is the perfect dessert to welcome spring! An easy Italian ricotta cake recipe with a layer of moist butter cake and a creamy ricotta filling. This cake has the tendency to stick to the pan, so make sure you grease the sides of your cake tin well with butter and line the bottom with baking or parchment paper. The ricotta in the cake lends moisture and a delicious richness and the lemon zest adds a welcome zing. It’s simple to make, often boasting a cheesecake-like or pudding-like texture in the middle. The sticky caramel-like topping provides just enough gooey and citrusy sweetness, while the mild and fruity olive oil flavor balances the cake perfectly.

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