His lyrics are face palm bad. I have a feeling the internet and powers to be have tried to ruin him for the fact that he’s independent and has southern pride sentiments, not to mention unapologetic rebel pride. Woogeroo As Saving Country Music explained in January of 2016, Hank3 was forced to move out of his long-time home and base camp in East Nashville known affectionately as the Haunted Ranch, which at the time put a dent in his ability to record and tour. 4:45 pm. Whoa man! 2:51. The music around here is so bad…I do not understand what happened to people’s taste…they don ‘t have any! I just found Hank 3 about a month ago and I don’t even really listen to country but he touched my soul. Trigger “Checking in,” said James Lescott on Twitter. Everyone needs a breathing moment and sometimes the motivation to make art could get stalled by letting life get in the way. While I can think of a dozen artists that would grate on your nerves, I could listen to people like Dylan or Hank read from a dictionary. Well sometimes a break turns into an extended vacation weather you want it or not hell any outlaw scumfuc will tell ya keep your head up hoss hope to see you again down in Corpus Christi Texas. This is a great song by Hank 3. I hope he’s able to come back soon. Regardless! Saving Country Music has reached out numerous times to get more details, but has been told Hank3 wants to remain private, though he does have some stuff in the works, and for folks to stay tuned. Have all your cds and think you are what country should sound like! He doesn’t do proper in alot people’s eyes….AND….thats THE BEST part of it all. Much love. He has had to go the really hard road, and work really hard for everything. I know it’s never healthy to depend on others. The hard knocks underground cats. Can’t wait for him to get back to music. ShadeGrown Saw him live in Nashville back in 2015. It would be one plain dull world with all the same sounds coming out of every asshole . I lost my best friend Dixie a little more than a year ago now and i miss her every single day still,…..very very close bond with that dog, better friend than any human friend out there. You can’t force such dark cats to put on a show for you. March 2, 2018 @ July 30, 2019 @ I just revisited this article on a whim and you posted on it tonite. Trying to stay informed about what is happening with Hank3 is an open, active, and ongoing process being pursued on many fronts. Hank 3 and Whiskeytown are the artists who brought me back to country music fandom in the mid 2000’s after giving up on new country music in the late 90’s. 1:23 pm, Absolutely I spy finding that a single of his quality and pure rock country only getting some voice to this manufactured music that’s coming through now Hallelujah brother, Jim Waltz 10:17 am. 8:30 pm, LOVE Tool. "Islands in the Stream" was originally written by The Bee Gees as an R&B song. March 2, 2018 @ We are all different with different tastes in music. Can’t wait to see III back on the road. The Hellbilly set I really liked tho’, the mash up of punk and country or whatever it was. bad news there. Losing everything sucks alone actually replacing it all. So what’s happening? 8:45 am. A very rare response to a fan inquiry offers some new insight. March 5, 2018 @ I still visit his website every single day hoping for some news… Best night of any year is when Hank3 comes to town, and it’s been too long. 4:08 am. Bob Wayne released an album last year called “Bad Hombre” that was pretty damn good, IMO. Been a fan since day 1 and yes pop country music really sucks, I love all the Hanks, 3 has a special place in my heart. Every word. This necessitated Hank3 having to pack up again and make another move, which has delayed his ability to get back on the road again, or record/release new music. March 2, 2018 @ This Ain't Montgomery - (featuring Joey Allcorn), Reason to Believe: A Country Music Tribute to Bruce... (CD), 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin (2-LPs) (Vinyl LP), Take As Needed For Pain (Gold Vinyl) (Vinyl LP), Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes. For many reasons selfish and not selfish I pray for him. I hope all is well and like the rest of you, can’t wait to hear some of these songs live again. That’s why there are so many different genres of music. A few good songs though. March 2, 2018 @ 6:33 pm. Can you please investigate H3 and find out what is really going on with him. I listen to country now just trying to compare to Hank3. He needs to get his shit together. it was great to hear his voice to some music, if only to sing harmony on the chorus and instructing Rudy to “throw that thing into overdrive”. March 2, 2018 @ Atlantic City; 6. 4:18 pm. 56 more photos, Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Thank the man upstairs for that. March 7, 2018 @ I would imagine there is some kind of life experience in his music. I wonder if his voice has become something other than pretty much awful since 2013. So once the camp is officially taken care of, we’ll be back in the trenches … Musical gear and all that stuff just piles up. June 11, 2020 @ Johnny Gladstone very bad. March 2, 2018 @ My love for III is not like my weird nerd love of ZZ Top(think Kiss and Star trek people) My love for Hank II is personal. We don’t have any upcoming events for this artist right now. 8:57 pm. You got rocks in your friggin’ head. Saw him twice in concert… good times, even the Assjack set which was some of the most brutal live music I’ve heard, hah. He’s made a lot of albums some good some bad but none I would consider a waste of time! devastated. March 3, 2018 @ Off topic, but I just heard that Brandon Jenkins is no longer with us. Could any genre of music literally be "the devil's music"? March 2, 2018 @ Still got most of them on repeat of course. I’m not sure he would be Hank III if he did all that…, Last show i saw was hank3 in philly almost 4 years ago now. There is no comparison he is the man I have seen him 3 times. Country music was dead to me until I heard Hank 3 it had been thirty years since a real feeling surfaced. North Woods Country (not curb issued of course) What ever is going on, we love ya.”, “Just Know I did not want to stop touring or making records. David 8:31 pm, Dear Sir, Stop the booze, pills and women and focus on music, hes drowning. His vocal style and lyrics are a matter of of taste but what specifically about his music is so terrible? Go find music that makes you happy instead of hating on music that doesn’t. June 7, 2020 @ ✊, Wesley Gray Sturgill Simpson Performs “Breaker’s Roar” on Colbert, If You Missed It: Hall of Fame’s “Big Night at the Museum” Event, Mike and the Moonpies | “An Empty Glass” | The Next Waltz, Tyler Childers – Long Violent History (Behind The Scenes), New Bill Anderson Song “It’s A Good Day to Have a Good Day”, The Piedmont Boys – In Came You (Official Video), “It’s Over” – An Original Song by The Petersens (LIVE), Eric Church – “Through My Ray-Bans” (Official Lyric Video), Nick Shoulders | “Too Old to Dream” | Western AF. BUT… The virus has changed everything and he has been in quarantine for so long I worry that he may have been getting ready to get back out…….Who knows. Well I for one do hope to see Hank out on the road in the future, I missed his show the last time he was in Ohio and I still kick myself for it. But he’s so terrible huh?? Should we be worried about him? I saw Hank at two shows in Houston. At screw Dems, I agree with your whole post. September 13, 2020 @ Why do so many people categorically dislike country? Get back to us soon, you badass, you. 9:50 pm. I miss hanging out with everyone after the shows.

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