Anders - The Pick of The Dragon Age Awakening Companions, Sigrun - One of Two Dwarven Dragon Age Awakening Companions, Valenna - The Elven Choice of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Characters, Oghren - Same Old Oghren, Always Drinking, Mhairi - One of The Fleeting Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Characters, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Companions Listing & Information, Dragon Age: Awakening - Oaths of Fealty - A Brewing Conspiracy - Handling the Nobles, Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - Vigil's Keep Side Quests, Dragon Age: Awakening Review - What's New in Dragon Age: Awakening, Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Blight Orphans Notice Board (Blight Orfans Notis Bord), Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Final Battle - The Assault on Amaranthine, Dragon Age: Awakening Walkthrough - The Final Battle - The Siege of Vigil's Keep, The Vigil's Keep Side Quests - Dragon Age Origins Awakening Walkthrough for PS3 - Tips for Quests from the Letters of the Commander, Herren, Voldrik and Mistress Woolsey, Side Quests in Amaranthine - Dragon Age Origins Awakening Guide to Merchant's Goods, Mafeath’s Monuments, Keep Out of Reach of Children, From the Living Wood, Dragon Age Origins Freezing on Xbox 360 - Solutions, Dragon Age: Origins Guide to All Achievements, Dragon Age Origins DLC Guide: Warden's Keep, Feastday, Return to Ostagar, The Awakening, and More, Dragon Age Origins Cheat Codes for the Xbox 360, Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, WOW Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack. She enjoys drinking, sarcasm, obtaining gold and riches, as well as a good adventure. He has a lively sense of humour and an endless amount of thrilling stories, never shying away from the opportunity to tell an exaggerated tale over a cold pint. The companions in Dragon Age: Origins are the people who accompany the Warden on their journey. He offers an in depth look at lore on Tevinter customs, which had otherwise been ignored for the most part throughout the series. Besides this, Wynne is a pretty fleshed out character.

Previously, in Dragon Age: Origins all we had to go on was Sten’s unenthusiastic account. If Hawke does not lock down her loyalty, it is possible that she will eventually leave the group. In the Circle Tower, you can change party in the room you encounter Wynne during the Broken Circle quest. These include the wise-cracking Alistair, who could be king following the events of the original story, the aging mage Wynne, found in the city of Amaranthine, the redeemed Loghain Mac Tir, if the player decided to spare him, and Queen Anora, if she remains a monarch and Alistair’s wife. Either way, he joins the party afterward.

She is a free spirit who plays be her own rules and does not allow anyone to give her orders. She shows up as a teacher for a specialization in Origins, but she makes a full-fledged appearance in the second game. Zevran is the eleven rogue and assassin from Antivia. If you’ve played Dragon Age Inquisition, you already know that; if you haven’t, then go play it right now and experience his greatness. So to see an elf take up the role of warrior is certainly surprising, even if that is an option you can go for when creating your character. His personal quest is what elevates him to the greats. Raising Leliana’s affection to a high level can result in her teaching you the Bard specialization.

He is entirely self-taught, as he is an apostate and thus against the Circle of Magi. Because of his horrible upbringing, Fenris is initially standoffish and it's hard to gain his loyalty. She is also a potential love interest for a male main character. Vivienne is strong magically, as well as politically. Throughout the game, he grows a lot as a character and eventually becomes much more mature and rational.

From what’s been seen of Sten and the events of Dragon Age II, we get a feeling that the Quanri are extremely intense and serious about their culture and hierarchy. Sera is far from your typical elf and, though she originally grew up in the Elven Alienage of Denerim, she has a general disregard for elven culture. Shale can equip the various crystals you acquire throughout your quest in leiu of weapons and armor, meaning he will not be forced to compete with the PC for equipment. Zevran was then forced to take on assassination contracts. Isabela then automatically wins a place on this list of best Dragon Age companions by being the former captain of the Sirens Call, a pirate ship that terrorized Thedas' Waking Sea. Her wit is razor sharp, and her skills with magic make her a force to be reckoned with. It’s disappointing that she doesn’t join the Inquisition as a playable member, but the story still gives her plenty do do, especially if you’ve been having questions about that kid of hers. No arm and he wants to restore the elves, the rest of Thedas be damned.

He can eventually become Tal-Vashoth, an abandoner of the Qun, and turn his full loyalty to the Inquisitor. Short and stocky warriors who mine deep in the ground for precious gems? Varric appears in both Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and is always ready to take on the world.

Reviving the almost lost art of real-time tactics or pause-stratagem into a genre slowly reclining into a more action oriented zeitgeist. Aveline is a character who goes through a lot of development. In addition to the expert storyteller Varric, there’s also a pirate captain who’s “equally skilled with dagger and insult, and it’s hard to know which cuts deeper.” We speak, of course, of the enchanting Isabella.

Bioware's Dragon Age series is full of great Companions, but these are the best of the best. Leliana is a prominent character in the series and loyal ally to both the Grey Warden and the Inquisitor. Players meet Aveline in the first moments of Dragon Age II.

She is a companion in Dragon Age II and a deadly duelist, but she also makes a brief (and infamous) appearance in Dragon Age: Origins where players encounter her and the crew of the Sirens Call in a brothel. Anders is an apostate mage who repeatedly tried to escape the Circle of Magi until the player character finds him in Vigil’s Keep near the beginning of the game. Whether you help him become human or confront the last man responsible for his death, Cole is definitely worth remembering. This old school throwback was not limited to gameplay however, as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate also had a disc expansion, chronicling the events after the main story ends.

Certainly helping his likability is how we get to learn about him over the decade long story of Dragon Age II, as both a playable character and unreliable narrator.

He can also teach the main character the Champion specialization.

Away during the events of the original game, he decides to find the Grey Warden who killed his father, trying to exact revenge in an attack on Vigil’s Keep. She is strong, levelheaded and confident, more than capable of giving others a piece of her mind. Covering companions, specializations, and general hints and tips for the game, this guide is your one stop-shop for all things Dragon Age.

There are certain locations in which you can change your current party without going to the Party Camp. He remains in your party afterwards, unless you ask him to leave.

Home » PlayStation » Top 10 Best Dragon Age Companions We’ll Never Forget. Only partially considered a companion in Awakening, Mhairi is a human Champion who escorts the player character to his new home at the beginning of the game, Vigil’s Keep. Though he prioritizes orders over all else, he is far more liberal than expected and is able to take and make a joke. His personality is also adaptable depending on the Grey Warden’s dialogue choices. The companions of The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC. In Awakening, an Orlesian Warden-Commander may be the protagonist, depending on the events of Origins.

He’s known for his constant sarcastic and clever remarks throughout dialogue and party banter. Sudden Attack Vs Cross Fire A Battle Of Online Shooters - MMOFPS. There is one returning Dragon Age: Awakening companions and five entirely new ones, adding some new group dynamics to the game’s already superlative character based storylines. With Tevinter references across Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, it was about time we had a companion hailing from the region. Improve your standing with Zevran and he will teach you the Assassin specialization. It’s good to know that a powerful warrior has a soft side… even if that soft side involves punching trees when she’s got hay fever.

Like Hawke, the Warden, or the Inquisitor, Varric has an uncanny ability to draw the oddest of characters into his wheel. This meeting sets up the companion quest and end game for the character. The games have some well-rounded companions with excellent personalities and constitutions, as well as a few inadequate ones who lack depth. In Inquisition, he takes on a new bestie, the Inquisitor, and doesn’t let politics get in the way of their blooming friendship. She is quick on her feet and will never fail to surprise you. Personality-wise, Isabela is the female equivalent of Varric. Top 5 Best PS5 Accessories You Probably Need to Buy, Demon’s Souls’ PS3 Dupe Glitch Is No Longer a Thing in the PS5 Remake, Half-Life: Alyx Update Adds Developer Commentary, Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ Gets Dev Update by Aerosoft; “Most Exciting” Graphical Feature Explained, Why Twitch Chat Plays Is Seeing a Resurgence, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition for PS5 & Xbox Series X Gets Another Trailer with HYDE’s New Song, Top 10 Best Dragon Age Companions We’ll Never Forget. 'Pokemon GO' Battle League Guide: Which Pokemon Should You Use for This Season's Little Cup? Morrigan is also a highly skilled sorceress and can become a trusted ally throughout the games. His story is revealed in the novel Asunder, where we learn that Cole, or at least his body, was a Mage locked up by the Templars and forgotten for years. And there’s only so much he can blame on Justice.

She is intent that together they can overcome anything. They did this with Mass Effect, where they offered a wide range of fascinating characters and they succeeded with Dragon Age as well.

His storyline is immersive, but it leaves you with a strange aftertaste because he is a puzzle that is never truly solved. Among the other mages in Inquisition, and the series in general, his power set is fun to fool around with, and he may be the most powerful yet. Though he appears to not take anything seriously, he is a devoted Grey Warden and can get upset if you don’t live up to the Grey Warden code. Dragon Age D Tier. Reviving the almost lost art of real-time tactics or pause-stratagem into a genre slowly reclining into a more action oriented zeitgeist. Starting with the Dwarven Keeper specialization, Valenna is tantamount to a blood mage by the time the player encounters her, in the depths of the Wending Woods. Okay, I’ll admit there’s a lot more to Blackwall than this. If you chose to be a mage, you will be left with Carver who is a warrior, while if you choose to be a warrior or rogue, you will be left with Bethany, the mage.

Dragon Age C Tier.

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