Direct speech: RP +, + S + be1 + V1ing + ROTS He teaches Spoken English, Written English, Grammar and Vocabulary at Englishtan. ◾RULE – ‘Must’ normally does not change when it refers to duty or laws of nature. b)Ishaan said that you can’t meet the boss. said to me “He hasn’t eaten breakfast”, He told me ________________________________________________________, 10.She a) Sonakshi said that Sonam must be silent. a)Sara said that she must get up early the next day. Past Continuous I was walking along the Street. "@type": "Organization", Have to –> Had to 20) The teacher said to me,”Why are you late”? 1. Are you searching for  Active Voice and Passive Voice ? said “She hasn’t eaten sushi before”, Direct and Indirect Speech A Complete Guide Keywords, Direct and Indirect Speech A Complete Guide, Sir very excellent explanation has been given, Hi friends and my dear students! Solution: c how, etc.) Learn how to convey a message what someone is saying, feeling or thinking in present continuous tense. teacher said to me, “Shut the door.”, 2. He said he bought a car. They said that we are trying hard to achieve success. Are you searching for  Defining Clause and Non-defining clause ? (without don‘t). in the past (would/should/could/might +V1), Future Please subscribe and then you will receive all updates through your email address. "publisher": { Therefore, I have listed out a complete repository of narration exercises for you on all tenses. 3. He asked me if I was coming/going to school. If the reporting verb is in the past, the tense of the reported speech changes into past as follows, a) Present tense changes into past tense  MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FROM ACTIVE & PASSIVE VOICE (with detailed solution), 4) She said ,”Netaji was born in Kolkata”. happiness or joy. b)The man requested the girl if she would like to have a dinner date with him. with regret, Pooh, How to change the pronouns and possessive adjectives: 1. ◾RULE – ‘will’ changes into ‘should’ when the speaker seeks advice or request. Here there are two ways to tell him. 8) Sneha said to me,”When I was a student I couldn’t go out alone.”  Present perfect continuous: Past perfect continuous: They complained, "We have been waiting for hours". a)Sheetal told that she would accompany me. Click here for the compilation of important rules associated with ADVERB (with examples) b) Deepika said that she must leave at once. Past continuous–> past perfect continuous Present perfect continuous –> past perfect continuous He explained that he had just turned out the light. a) she told that Netaji was born in Kolkata. d)Sneha told me that when she was a student she must not have gone out alone. In this post, I am sharing the  Antonyms List for Class 10 English. a)Ranveer told deepika that she must obey her parents. In this post, I have covered   Combination of Sentences Worksheet / Exercises ... Hi friends and my dear students! The tenses, word-order, pronouns may be different from those in the direct speech sentence. b)Sheetal said that she is well to accompany me. b)She told me that while she was singing,he was dancing. Let’s see another example a)Sara told me that when she had met him he was eating. She exclaimed that the child was very Use   CLICK HERE FOR THE HINDU VOCAB COMPILATION. 1. b)Suhana said that she cooked biryani and he prepared boondi raita. View Answer. He asked if they weren`t staying with them for that night. ‘not to’ if the sentence begins with Don‘t. 100 Golden rules of English grammar pdf: English... New pattern cloze test asked in IBPS PO 2019 for... How to score good marks (28+) in English in bank... Daily The Hindu article with RC,cloze test 24-04-2020, RC,cloze test based on The Hindu article 23-04-2020, CLOZE TEST 2(with detailed solution) FOR SSC EXAMS, 600 Most important previous year one word substitution for SSC CGL pdf, How to score good marks (28+) in English in bank exams 2020 (with testimonial), English HotSpot: PDF of monthly compilation of The Hindu editorials with Reading comprehension, cloze test, grammar questions and vocab, New pattern RC for bank exams/SBI PO 2020;based on The Hindu editorial 8 May 2020, FILLERS ASKED IN PREVIOUS YEARS BANK EXAMS-2, Verbal Ability preparation for CAT 2020: Reading Comprehension, Para-jumbles, How to prepare English for NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test). For direct and indirect speech complete rules click: Direct and indirect speech complete rules. Solution : c b)Sara told me that when she had met him he had been eating. Solution :b Previous year vocab vocabulary asked in bank exams. }, ◾RULE –  ‘Need’ in the reported speech changes into appropriate modals /verb  to fit with  the context. She said that they were working day and night to succeed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. a) Suhana said that she had cooked biryani and he had prepared boondi raita. b)Aryan requested his friend that if he Could lend him some money. incidents. Solution: c You come home and you want to tell your brother what Rahul has ________________________________________________________, 5. He said to me students are going to school today. d)Ishaan said that you try to understand you can’t be meeting the boss. to                                                                    Had to, Must                                                                         Had to, Active Voice and Passive Voice A Complete Guide, yesterday       ⇒ the day before / the previous ◾Note – here it doesn’t refer to any duty or natures of law,it shows an urgency, so must will change into suitable verb/modal and in this case most suitable is ‘would have to’. a)The man asked the girl if she would like to have a dinner date with him. c)Sara said that she must have to got up early the next day. Answer : a ,it refers to a duty so ‘must’ will not change. THE HINDU VOCABULARY FOR SSC BANK EXAMS, IMPORTANT FILLERS AND FILL IN THE BLANKS QUESTIONS FOR SSC, BANK, RAILWAY EXAMS, Most Important questions from ‘Direct and indirect speech’ of imperative sentences. 5. b)Sonakshi said that Sonam must have  been silent. d) Priyanka told me that they left for temple early. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. a)Ranveer told deepika that she must obey her parents. said that he was writing a letter then. Direct & Indirect Speech, Tenses and Example Sentences Tense Direct Speech Present Simple I like ice cream. I asked him whether he was going to file a complaint. c)Sneha told me that when she was a student she was not allowed to go out alone. Change of tenses. Indirect Narration – It’s a kind of speech which is reported by some other person by using certain conjunctions in place of commas and making necessary changes in the verbs and pronouns of the reported speech. For direct and indirect speech complete rules click: Direct and indirect speech complete rules. day. Present perfect –> past perfect Solution : d d)My mother asked me had I completed the project or not. c) Sara told me that when she met him he was eating. (c) is the most appropriate option here. She said that I am watching my favorite movie. Simple (V2), Present In this post, I am going to share with you  Direct and... Hi friends and my dear students!   CLICK HERE FOR THE HINDU IDIOMS COMPILATION  c)The Times of India said that it was not responsible for any error. 24) The man said to the girl,”Would you like to have a dinner date with me?” d) Deepika said that she has to leave at once. He said, “I am looking to buy your favorite gift”. b) Suhana said that she must leave at once.   CLOZE TEST WITH DETAILED SOLUTION. This speech is placed with inverted commas. Use “exclaimed sorrowfully” for sorrowful incidents. He asked, “Aren`t they staying with us for tonight?”. 1. Normally, the tense in reported speech is one tense back in time from the tense in direct … c) She asked if she had to write a letter. a)The Times of India said that they are not responsible for any error. 5. Example – She told him that she would give him a book. Solution : c day, tomorrow        ⇒ the next day / the following a) He said that If he is selected ,he will not have to study further. the match. Example – Change the reporting verb ‘said to’ into ‘told’.

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