Order unbreaded chicken or veal baked with sauces like piccata, marsala, puttanesca, francese, or cacciatore. Don't Miss: Desserts and Sweets for Diabetics.

callback: callback The secret is to choose food and do so with a carb-conscious mind wisely. If you love chips and salsa, take a handful and then ask for the basket to be removed from the table. Some delis still have fantastic salad bars with lots of healthy options. When checking out restaurants for diabetes, head somewhere that has this Tex-Mex staple on the menu. We are located at 4122 Oakwood, Melvindale, MI 48122.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Many Mexican salads are packed into a large, fried tortilla shell, which is also too carb-heavy and should be removed. Most dishes in Mexican cuisine include a lot of carbohydrates. Mission-style burritos are tortillas packed with beans, rice, and some type of protein (i.e. Many diabetic options are available for diabetics. Ask to replace the flour tortillas with lettuce leaves or bring your own low-carb tortillas from home.

Especially since portion sizes have expanded and you might not be aware of all the ingredients a dish contains! Smith suggests pairing a protein-rich hot appetizer like miso cod, chicken skewers, or edamame with a big salad and one sushi roll. Keep blood sugar levels in check, even on Taco Tuesday. You'll still get the flavor you love, but without the 420 extra calories! Things you can do: At the very least, limit portion sizes. Lasagna before (dinner portion): 850 calories, 39 g carb., 47 g fat, 2,830 mg sodiumSlim it: Order the lunch portion and put half in a to-go container when you're served.Lasagna after: 290 calories, 17.5 g carb., 16 g fat, 965 mg sodium.

Many of these combine refined carbs with processed meats like sausage and pepperoni, and batters or breading (think eggplant Parmesan or fried mozzarella).

if (!window.mc4wp) { Another option is to ask if veggies are available for dipping, such as tomatoes, romaine lettuce spears, or bell pepper slices. “This meal is traditionally served with tofu and veggies, making it a smart choice. 7,8,9,10 Interventions involving the provision of nutritional information at restaurants reported positive changes in consumer food choices, 11,12 including two diabetes-motivated interventions focused specifically on Mexican restaurants. In many Mexican restaurants, you will get to assemble the fajita yourself, so you’ll be in control of the proportions in the tortilla. Subscribe now to get notified about exclusive content!

With a little knowledge and research beforehand, low-carb options can be tasty and satisfying. Our medically-reviewed content features advice and information from top medical and wellness professionals, as well as engaging patient stories.

If you’re a big fan of mixing and matching apps to create your ideal meal, you’re in luck because there are a ton of good-for-you options from your local sushi joint.

You can easily make diabetic friendly tortillas to take to Mexican restaurants so that you can enjoy tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Other tips: (function() { Basic Chinese cuisine is healthy, full of fish and vegetables. Don’t let diabetes stop you from enjoying a night out with friends, a date night, or dinnertime with the family.

How to Talk to Your Doctor, Causes of a Migraine Medication Overuse Headache. However, if you’re eating at a big chain, consider getting sunny-side up eggs with veggies sauteed on the side, instead.

Lower-fat choices are fajitas and soft tacos stuffed with chicken, beef, or seafood, and loaded with vegetables.

The recipe is here.

Follow these tips to enjoy flavorful Mexican food without derailing your diabetic diet: Platter-size entrees with all the fixings can total 1,500 calories.

Take half home or order a la carte to get only what you want.Cheese and sour cream top many entrees. Mexican restaurants can definitely be a good option for people with diabetes. Generally speaking, a bean enchilada will be a … At Mexican and Spanish restaurants: Bean enchiladas. “While I can’t promise the soups from restaurants will be low in salt, I can tell you that traditional hot and sour soups are diabetes-friendly, says Zanini of the Chinese restaurant staple. All of which are wrapped in carbohydrates. Did you know? This is a great way to start your meal or to add a little extra flavoring to your main dish. At home, you can try your hand at making low-sugar Mexican Flan, a take on traditional Mexican Flan.

“Corn tortillas are much smaller than flour tortillas, so they’re lower in carbs, explains Zanini.

Dessert before (deep-fried banana fritters): 814 calories, 130 g carb., 37 g fatSlim it: Skip this carb-heavy, calorie-laden dessert and opt for a fortune cookie instead.Dessert after (one fortune cookie): 30 calories, 7 g carb., 0.5 g fat. Hold the cheese and sour cream or ask for them on the side. Sure, they seem indulgent, but an enchilada can be a healthy choice at restaurants for diabetes as long as you order one filled with beans and make some special requests.

That’s one cup of pasta, or about 45 grams of carbohydrate. Order soft chicken or fish tacos and eat the fillings with a fork, skipping the tortillas; or chicken, beef, or shrimp fajitas, a taco salad (skip the fried shell), or broth-based soups.

“While carb-based dishes like rice and beans will spike blood sugar when consumed in large quantities, this meal offers a healthy combination of protein, fats, and vegetables,” she says of her recommendation. (These are the foods chefs never order in restaurants.).

Opt for low-fat dressing on the side, and save 200 calories and 1,220 milligrams of sodium! Yup, that’s right! Mexican food can be full of carbohydrates with large portions of rice, beans, and tortillas.

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