Its beautiful, high class & regal. If you like it, that's what really matters. As a teacher I wanted uncommon but not unknown names for my girls. This is just one of those names I objectively wish I liked but just don't. I've never liked this name...all of the syllables are so harsh-sounding. Though we don't see it becoming a Top 100 name in the US, Daphne is obviously finding more widespread acceptance—and for a distinctive, deeply-rooted, attractive girls' name, that's a positive thing. French Girls Names: Most Popular Girls Names in France 2014. Daphne is the #432 ranked female name by popularity. The name is borne in Greek mythology by a nymph, the daughter of the river-god Peneus. Daphne is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "laurel tree, bay tree". Due to this reference in the Gospels, the nameday of Dafni or Daphne is celebrated on Palm Sunday. There's been a few times when friends have met her and all they want to do is talk about the name and how we decided on it. Pretty, but it's one of those names, that for some reason, I just can't like......maybe because I grew up watching Scooby-Doo? Dafni always looks younger than she is. I love this name, it's my niece's middle name and I fought like crazy to have it as her first name. She turned out just like her name but not as quiet as I hoped! hi my name is defne.In English, defne means daphne,laurel or laura.Which i choose as English nickname?????? This name does sound WASP and I do think of Daphne from Scooby Doo but I somewhat like this name mostly because of Daphne Groeneveld. they always say that it remind them of Scooby Doo. Daphne named doll, Groovy Girls. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It was a name I planned on using before I even thought about having children. Named our first born Daphne two months ago. Dafneigh, The first person I knew named Daphne was the daughter of my sister's violin instructor, so the name has always seemed melodic to me. My daughter is Daphne Carolina, and we nn her DeeDee, but love her name so much we usually just call her Daphne! I could see Dany used as a nn...Especially if you're a Game of Thrones fan! Couldn't tell you why, but it's true! After I named my first daughter Eliza, I never thought I would find another name as perfect as hers until I was pregnant and came across Daphne in a book. Daphne has an ethereal sound to me....I try to take the name for what it is, for how it sounds. my name is Dafeney. He nickname daphy is adorable too. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. We call her Daphy-Do for fun (she's four), but usually we just call her by her name because we love it so much. © 2020 Wild Sky Media All rights reserved. My mother dislikes her name intensely, due to merciless teasing at school (North London in the 50s), and has gone her whole life as Dee. Still, I love Daphne and would consider it for a little girl :), I think Daphne is quite cute, yet proper at the same time. Dafni or Daphne is a female Greek name whose origins are found in the ancient Greek mythology. Cut & Paste your Tamil words (in Unicode) into the box above and click 'SEARCH'. name for my emails.hahaha. I didn't really grow up with Scooby Doo. The feast commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, an event described in all four Canonical Gospels. Daphne Guinness (born 1967), Irish artist and socialite Daphne Lorraine Gum (1916–2017) Daphne Haldin (1899–1973) Daphne Hampson (born 1944), British theologian Daphne Hardy Henrion (1917–2003) Daphne Hasenjäger Very pretty and I imagine it on someone with a very sweet personality. Ugh I couldn't stand Scooby-Doo as a kid (still can't). The spelling “dafni” looks a lot like the Greek way of writing the name, this is why we choose this over the more common romanized “Daphne“. I was thinking Penelope Daphne but then I think of "Penny" on Big Bang Theory. I love the name but it doesn't fit the rest of my style of clunky vintage names. I try not to associate names (especially if they only are reminiscent of a kids cartoon). Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Daphny, Not a huge fan of Daffy. I don't think I'll ever be able to like sickly sweet Daphne. I would definitely use this name for my little girl, even without the Scooby Doo character being my inspiration. Daphne Moon played by Jane Leeves on the series "Frasier" Daphney, I think it could work. To me it sounds sleek and sophisticated. Daphne's origins may be Greek, but it's seen by Americans as quintessentially British—as in the Daphne Moon character on Frasier. You can use our Tamil translator 2. Daphne Oz, talk show host and author, Daphne Paloma Vasquez played by Katie Leclerc on ABC Family's series "Switched at Birth" I know a Daphne. Daphne DuMaurier, English author why does every name NEED a nickname? Dafni means “laurel” in Greek and it has been used since the antiquity. Named our first born Daphne two months ago. Peneus saved Daphne from Apollo’s romantic obsessions by transforming her into a laurel tree. And until a couple months ago, I had never met another Daphne, whigh I also enjoyed. One of the Top on my list of girls names. Nameday of Dafni: Movable nameday, it is always a week before Easter Sunday, on the Palm Sunday. It is from this myth that the plant genus daphne, which contains the laurel species, gets its name. I don't really love this name, but I think it is classy. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Daphne. What are her siblings named? To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. Also the name does sound better with the Greek pronunciation. My name is Daphne Isabelle..hahaha But i just using my sec. Name MatchMaker to find the perfect baby name for you! Know a Daphne? My niece is Maisie Anne Daphne which works pretty well. Another plus is Greek names for both genders are so attractive & beautifully spelt. Daphnie, [Madras], University of Madras, 1924-1936. Daphne Zuniga, American actress She escaped from the attentions of Apollo by being transformed into a laurel tree. I have a unapologetic love for this name. Daphne is pretty and classy. The "Errata" included with Tamil lexicon have been applied to the data when this text was converted into a database. Lol my names Daphne and I don't like it only because everyone refers to me as scooby doo or asks where fred is and it gets pretty annoying otherwise I think its a really pretty name but its hilarious when guys come up with pickup lines with scooby doo. I love Daphne! 1. To British ears the name can seem old fashioned and overly posh, like an irritating character from an Agatha Christie novel say. I wanted to use Daphne as a middle name but cannot come up with any first names that go with Daphne. Comments on Daphne Search Category African American Arabic Australian Christian English Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Indian ⋅ Assamese ⋅ Bengali ⋅ Gujarati ⋅ Hindu ⋅ Kannada ⋅ Malayalam ⋅ Marathi ⋅ Oriya ⋅ Sanskrit ⋅ Sikh ⋅ Sindhi ⋅ Tamil ⋅ Telugu Iranian Irish Latin Swedish Boys Girls Starting from Contains Ends with Meaning I'm trying to come up with a first name for Daphne. I'm starting to be won over by Daphne, along with quite a few similarly offbeat, quirky-vintage names that I used to dislike (Lucy, Phoebe, Margot, etc). © 2020 - Website design by. I LOVE this name, I don't understand why so many people hate it? My caveat is that it reminds me of Daffy Duck or daftness. This is a really nice name, I don't think I'd use it myself but I'd adore it on someone else. Dafni is a very energetic and active woman; she can be very passionate about the things she likes and she a little jealous of other people when they are successful. My friends think that its cool. It became a popular name in the English speaking world as well, during the middle ages and on. Daphne Powell played by Kay Panabaker on the series "No Ordinary Family" Looking for the perfect name? Honestly, I really love my name - Daphne Leigh - and I get SO many compliments on it since I was a teenager through my early adulthood. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Daphne, try our name generator. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa34e9e6ce88c0022b4d263fff73b82f" );document.getElementById("e2dea2bafe").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I actually like this name. I love the name Daphne, the only thing holding me back from using it is the lack of nick names. When I told my mother of the name choice she cried 'why on earth did you call her that, I will have to think of a pet name' but after explaining she happily calls her granddaughter by her full name - with a Greek lilt. I credit Frasier and Scooby Doo. I find the spelling of Daphne and the way the name looks written down to be very appealing and intriguing, but I'm not as sold on the sound of it-- something about it sounds jarring to me. I'm named Daphne, and besides being called "Daffy Duck" by the neighborhood kids when I was four (it rarely happened after age 4-6) and I've never had a problem with not having an easy nickname. Meanings Greek Baby Names Meaning: In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Daphne … It's so unique and beautiful. I also love the Daphne du Maurier association. Find out the meaning and the origin of the name, Daphne on Dafny. Hopefully people keep naming their children "Adam's Son" (Addison) so Daphne will stand out even more as having good taste. My great aunt was named Daphne, she was my mother's favourite aunt and they were very close. From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman. I really like this name, and I wouldn't mind being named Daphne. If I ever use the name in honour of my great aunt Daphne, I can definitely see myself using her nickname too, especially if my daughter is a spunky girl just like her. We call our daughter Daphne 'Dilly' as a nickname short for daffodowndilly which is her long nickname. that's cool. Daphne Blake from the animated series "Scooby Doo" Daphnee, Meaning of the name Daphne: Derived from the Greek daphne (a laurel or bay tree). She always went by Dap - not Daph, Dap - which I've always thought is a cute nickname for Daphne that I've never heard any other Daphnes use. Daphni, I just think everyone likes a Daphne when they see them. Tamil meaning of Daphne is as below... Daphne : மலர்களையுடைய புதர்ச்செடிகளின் இனம். The 'D' (delta) is sounded breathy, half way between English 'TH' and 'D' and the 'ph' (phi) is harder, slightly sibilant which gives a much more rounded, feminine sounding name than the hard 'DAF' and trailing away 'nee' of the English pronunciation. She… Tamil lexicon. It sounds fluffy, ditsy, and juvenile to me, not to mention that it strongly resembles words like daft and daffy. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Unfortunately she would have been Daphne Anne B(rest of surname) and when my sister found ouy that the Scooby Doo character is Daphne Anne Blake (and there was a good chance my niece would end up with red hair) I instantly lost - they went with Maisie Anne Daphne instead. For me, Daphne sounds sickly sweet, but I can understand why people like it. It has a certain charm to it. It derives from Greek mythology, where Daphne was a nymph who, when pursued by the amorous god Apollo, turned into a laurel tree to escape from him. So having said those negative things why did I call my daughter Daphne? I wouldn't use it, but everyone has their own style of names that they like. I love the name Daphne. Dafnee, It was everything I pictured my new baby to be- classic, sweet with a quiet beauty. I do see the appeal of Daphne- it's substantial enough to be elegant and sophisticated, while also having an airiness to it that makes it slightly fairy-like and princessy.

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