As such, with a Mexican Permanent Resident Card: You are allowed to work without having to get a work permit CAPITAL GAINS ON HOME SALE. Under this visa category, retirees may not be allowed to conduct lucrative activities in the country. Advantages and Disadvantages of Residente Permanente vs. Residente Temporal Immigration Permits for Mexico ~ Residente Permanente offers the ease of a single, one-time application/registration.

Still Afraid to Touch Things ?

The INM presentation was clear & well done except for a few factual erors.. Maybe it was a money grab. Can We Cut US state, local, and federal deficit spending?

Take a copy of your INM Temporary Resident visa application along with your passport, car title, the letter you submitted to INM (states your address, citizenship, passport number, how long you are applying for a visa), page with NUT number and name and also car permit you obtained when you entered Mexico.

I live here in Mexico and travel in and out with my FM 2 and now my Permanente Residente card .

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also, provides a CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población). My car was purchased in Mexico. What are the rules / procedure for gaining citizenship? This information is then sent to Aduana in Mexico City. 2019 Holiday Season Pay Rules for ALL Mexican Workers ~ Aguinaldos ~ and Vacation Pay ! No renewals after 4 years.

This causes a small train-wreck between the 4 year maximum off the new Residente Temporal vs. the existing SRE 5 year minimum rules – but is resolved if the gringo gets a Residente Permanente, to complete the 5 year SRE requirement. Just how much does it Cost to Cool a Room in Mexico? ), every single report we have read about these individual lawyers also shows that these same lawyers are also simultaneously giving faulty non-factual advice to those same clients about the Nov 2012 INM Lineamientos and May 2011 INM law.

Two different Aduana Regional Directors have said that they understand that Aduana will allow foreigners with Residente Permanente permits to keep their TIP cars for at least a year. Tax Issues for Americans and Other Expats Living in Mexico, Tax Issues for Americans Living and Working in Mexico – 2014 Filing Version, Update on SAT’s On-line Mexican Income Tax & IVA Tax Filing, Updated Absentee Voting Information for US Expats in Mexico, US Customs and Border Patrol Memo on Exporting US Used Cars Before Importing into Mexico, US Income Tax Filing Information for Ex-Pats, ACA – Obamacare’s Effects on American Expats Living Abroad, Capital Gains Taxes on Mexican Properties, Absentee Voting Information for US Citizens in Mexico – The Article, Tropical Storm (Hurricane?)

When you import a car using a Permiso de Importacion Temporal (Temporary Import Permit), Aduana requires a fully refundable deposit of $200 – $400 USD. I appreciate your patience with my lack of familiarity with such details. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You do have to apply for a prorroga with Aduana BEFORE your TIP expires: (from Mexconnect) Please note that Yucalandia’s master article describing the latest information on how to Visit Mexico, Immigrate to Mexico, and how to apply for residency in Mexico is at: First, it costs about $25 USD.

All will be revealed during this next year,

What should we be doing? I fly.

… Coronavirus ~ COVID-19 Realities, The Best of Couch-Surfing … Living Well in the Time of COVID-19. It is FREE.

Have you read our master article describing the latest information on how to Visit Mexico, Immigrate to Mexico, and how to apply for residency in Mexico at: New Rules and Procedures for Immigration, Visiting, and Staying in Mexico, This article has a section on: Immigration Requirements that Relate to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen Banjercito told me on February 5, 2013 ” PLEASE GO TO THE ADUANAS LOCAL LAW DEPARTMENT, WITH A FREE LETTER ASKING FOR THE RENEWAL OF YOU CAR PERMIT AND DEPOSIT; WHICH WILL BE VALID UNTIL THE FOUR YEAR PERIOD, BUT WITH THE ADUANAS APPROVAL BEING SEND TO BANJERCITO DURING THIS MONTH.”. Who is Eligible for the Mexican Permanent Resident Card? The Permanent Resident Visa offers many benefits that you can’t receive from having a Temporary Resident card. You are eligible for a Mexico Permanent Resident Card if you fulfill one of the following requirements: The Permanent Resident Card for Mexico does not have an expiry date – it is issued for an indefinite amount of time. Benefits of the Mexico Permanent Resident Card.

SRE? No one bring a car in for more than six months?


I think every immigracion office is handling things a little bit differently. Similar to the US social security number, the CURP allows you to Open accounts at any bank.

( I only get $250.


Do you have a CURP issued to you from an earlier period?

Congrats !

If you have had previous INM residency permit, then you were likely issued a CURP – and you keep the same CURP. As such, with a Mexican Permanent Resident Card: You have to apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM)) upon arrival to Mexico.

I want to apply for citizenship . The exemption keeps you from paying a 25% capital gains tax when you sell your home. When obtaining your residency card, you will pay a fee equivalent to about $265. Les, Hi Les,

Mexican Citizenship Test ... No Longer with Answers. steve, If it turns out that those with residente permanente are no longer allowed to keep their foreign plated car in Mexico, they may, if their circumstances warrant, consider walking away from their residente permante status, re-entering Mexico as a visitante with their car.

I only leave by air once a year and return by air once a year.

According to my immigracion here in Puerto Vallarta the FMM Forma Migratoria Multiple that you get on the plane , is actually a tourist visa.

Sec. Foreigners who want to settle in Mexico permanently must have a Mexican Permanent Resident Card. Thus , I owe them $ 4000 something in total but after they obscond with my social security I only have to send the Soc. ~   Residente Permanente offers the ease of a single, one-time application/registration.

Even though the INM law was published in May 2011 and there have been NO Aduana prohibitions published, in spite of ZERO official rulings, and ZERO public announcements, but there are however some individual Mexican lawyers who are telling their clients that they cannot keep their TIP cars.

~   Residente Temporal card holders must change to Residente Permanente after four years of Temporary Residency anyway (or change to 6 month Visitor permits).

So I had to print out my Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance annual report from the Social Security Administration and give it to the Immigration with my 3 CD accounts and my 12 month of my checking account with an average balance that they ( I think ) will make them happy.

Is that correct?

Overall, it has been clear that the Mex. Become a Permanent Resident or leave. Has me worried! Not at all. As such, it does not have to be renewed every few years, like the Temporary Resident Card does. Why?

But immigration in Mexico said because I had 2 immigracion Visas, immigracion said I had to pay a fine of $1,090. The current Ley Aduanero uses legal terminology ( “No Inmigrante” or “FM3” and “Inmigrante” or “FM2” and “Inmigrado“) that no longer fits the new INM legal permits and INM’s legal terminology. or Fraught with Confusion for Gringos?

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