Entebbe International Airport Kampala is the country’s major airport. Historical Dictionary of Mali. Entebbe International Airport Kampala is the country’s major airport. Experience Bamako from behind the wheel! Der Flughafen liegt in der Nähe der Stadt Bamako. However his rule was characterised by severe droughts and poor government management and problems of food shortages.[9]. [16] Each commune is administered by the municipal council and a mayor elected from among its members. Swiss foreign ministry says Beatrice Stoeckli, kidnapped four years ago by alleged al-Qaeda fighters, has been killed. Copyright © Bamako is situated on the Niger River floodplain, which hampers development along the riverfront and the Niger's tributaries. This hospital, like many recent developments in Bamako is financed and equipped with Chinese investment. Cambridge University Press (1998). B. Doumbia, « Centenaire du Point G : Un siècle à la pointe des soins et une belle histoire », B. Doumbia, Board of Directors of the Gabriel Toure hospital: the quality imperative, L'Essor, 26 February 2009, B. Doumbia, Futur « Hôpital du Mali » : les travaux peuvent démarrer, l'Essor, 31 December 2008, National Congress for Democratic Initiative, Association Malienne des Droits de l'Homme, University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako, University of Humanities and Social Sciences of Bamako, University of Science, Technology and Technologies of Bamako, University of Legal and Political Sciences of Bamako, "Coupe du Maire du District : Le Stade reçoit son trophée", "Sub-national HDI - Area Database - Global Data Lab", "City Mayors: World's fastest growing urban areas (1)", "SUDANESE IMPOSE SENEGAL BOYCOTT; Traders Told to Use Port in Ivory Coast – Move Is Aimed at Dakar's Trade", Mali attack: more than 20 dead after terrorist raid on Bamako hotel, "maliweb.net :: Construction du 3e Pont de Bamako : Maliens et Chinois d'accord sur les aspects techniques du projet", "World Weather Information Service – Bamako", "BKO–s (Bamako) Climate Normals 1961–1990", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Klimatafel von Bamako (Flughafen) / Mali", Ordonnance n° 78-34/CNLM du 18 août 1978, modifiée par une loi de février 1982 fixant les nouvelles limites des Communes III et IV, cité par Doussou Djiré, Commune IV : entre tradition et modernité, "Town I: 26 lists in contention, the Rise", "Commune II: the cradle of Bamako, The Rise". Since the 1996 election of former archaeologist Alpha Oumar Konaré to Mali's presidency, the museum's funding has increased considerably, becoming among the best in West Africa. [9], By the late 19th century, the French dominated much of western Africa, and in 1883, present-day Mali became part of the colony of French Sudan, and was its capital in 1908. You will be able to specify with which airlines you wish to fly or at which specific airport to depart or land. Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, 1880–1995: 1880–1995. Today, the population is at least 18 times what it was in 1960, with 1,810,366 recorded at the 2009 census, and continues to attract a rural population in search of work. [9], Mali gained independence from France in April 1960, and the Republic of Mali was later established. The decision comes days after the West African regional bloc announced it was ending its post-coup sanctions on Mali. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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