It gives children the chance to play real football, for a real team, whilst experiencing an enjoyable and fun introduction to football through small sided games. 15.16.1           There are no restrictions regarding the number of players allowed in the goal area during open play. 4.2                          Leagues can introduce a winter break or an alternative football offer such as Futsal. Tel: 01633 282 911 | Sitemap | Cookie Policy, Dragon Park, National Football Development Centre, NISV, Newport, NP19 4RA, FAW McDonald's Grassroots Football Awards, Huddle: Where girls fall in love with football, Join us at your nearest Free Football Festival, Webinars: Keeping the connection with your young players, Exclusive Partnership: FAW Trust & University of South Wales, Please donate to help us do more for children across Wales, FAW McDonald's Grassroots Football Awards », Huddle: Where girls fall in love with football », Join us at your nearest Free Football Festival », 250 coaches to up-skill thanks to Be Active Wales Fund », 'I'd never let my size stop me playing the game I love' | Wales U15 star Libby Isaac », I feel relaxed playing football. 5.3                           A goal may not be scored directly from the kick-off. 3.3.1                    Under 6 and 7 – Game duration should not exceed 10 minutes. 2.3                         For the purposes of age groupings, an academic year begins on the 1st September and ends on the 31st August of the following year. 7.5                          Age appropriate size, weight and the correct pressure of the ball must be used. 15.8.2                The opposition must be a minimum of 7 yards away from where the ball is placed. Teams are capped at signing 20 players. 12.3                      Under 6 and 7 - Are taken anywhere on the goal line. For the avoidance of doubt, no person should be officiating the game on the pitch. It will be important to establish how this format will be delivered on a site-by-site basis. Recognises the value of competitiveness for children and provides an appropriate environment. 7.3                          Heading practice must not form part of training for boys and girls aged under 11 and under. The goal size is 16-foot (width) x 7 feet (height). 7.4                          Heading practices are a low priority for boys and girls in the under 12 and 13 age groups. All other spectators must watch from behind the buffer zone lines. A penalty spot should be marked 9 yards from the goal line. Decision making is easier and occurs more often because of the small numbers involved. RECOGNISE, REPORT and REMOVE in a case of concussion and follow the relevant guidelines. 5.1.7                   If teams are low on players and cannot field the correct number, then the other team should provide the additional player(s) or withdraw players to make the numbers even for the under 6 to under 11 age groups. A game leader, who is urged to be as flexible as possible with the players must supervise the game from the touchline for the under 11 age group and below. For the under 13 age group, the 9v9 format will be optional for the 2020/21 and 2021/2022 season before becoming mandatory from the 2022/23 season. 3.5.2                   For the under 13 age group, Junior Leagues can organise a maximum of four (4) trophy events per season over four (4) week periods (a total of sixteen (16) weeks of formal competition) from the 2022/23 season. For the format and rules for Academic Year 7 and 8 refer to clause 15. The … Where pitches are located alongside each other, a min of six yards run off should exist. 1.1                          Small Sided Football pitches must be specifically laid out on any suitable open spaces or conventional grass or synthetic surface pitches which can be converted for Small Sided Football. When introducing the specific technique of heading for these age groups, The FAW advise: - a maximum of 10 minutes of any duration training session and a maximum of 4 headers in one bout, using self-serve over short distances. 3.3                         Under 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 - matches are played on a festival format with a minimum of four teams playing at a venue. Coaches should continue to emphasise dribbling, passing, retaining the ball and building from the back. The duration of half time should not exceed 5 minutes. 15.2.1                Teams at the under 12 and 13 age groups can have a match day squad cap of up to 18 payers, all of whom are eligible to play (teams can use all 9 substitutions – please refer to 15.7). Playing 11-a-side football, many children lose interest in the game because the ball goes out of their immediate vicinity and they quickly become bored spectators. 15.3                      An 11v11 pitch can be adapted for the 9v9 format, utilizing the width of the penalty area (44 yards) for the 9v9 pitch width and the distance from penalty box to penalty box for the 9v9 pitch length. 4.1                          Any number of substitutes may be used at any time (Rolling substitutes).

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