It should get you in the ballpark of your best effort, and it may even set you up for a great kick to the finish. 10 x 100m, gradually increasing to 75% of top speed. I started doing speedwork once a week. I have always used the McMillan Running Calculator to help with paces. Pinterest: 400 Meter repeats should not necessarily be a staple workout for someone who's primary race distance is 5K or longer. Sign up to receive subscriber-only content to help you train smarter and finish stronger. Once you know you can crank out all of the repeats at close to the same pace, try using that pace at your next race. When the alarm bells start ringing, it’s because you’re about to blow up. [Smash your goals with a Runner’s World Training Plan, designed for any speed and any distance.]. You want to be fully recovered and give the body enough time to fully realize the training benefits of the workouts before you toe the line on race day. For instance, I run a 7:05/mile pace for my 5K, which is 425 seconds per mile. I’m so glad this post was helpful. Helgerud, Jan, Kjetill Høydal, Eivind Wang, Trine Karlsen, P. Berg, Marius Bjerkaas, Thomas Simonsen, Cecilies Helgesen, Ninal Hjorth, Ragnhild Bach, and Jan Hoff. Hello! One helpful trick is to divide the workout into four sets of five repeats each, with an extra 200 meters of jogging after each set. Then there was Jim Ryun, the last American to hold the mile world record, who did the same workout in high school in the 1960s (also completing as many as 40 repeats). I’ve written before about the types of speed workouts and how to begin safely incorporating them into your training, but you might be wondering: How fast should I be running? It is important to be realistic and use your current 5k pace to determine training goals vs. your ultimate goal. Here are two sample workouts to build speed and find a realistic target pace during a training cycle. 400 Meter repeats should not necessarily be a staple workout for someone who's primary race distance is 5K or longer. I'm doing Hal Higdon's training program and every other week there are 400m repeats. For intervals and tempo rides on the bike, using heart rate is a great gauge to determine pace. You should feel like you could keep running, but there’s almost no way you could repeat the interval again at the same pace. Know how to hold back and leave some in the tank for a strong kick to the finish. But running those 800m intervalls with recovery in between is actually fun! That’s your body’s way of saying, “No mas.”. Many high schools and colleges allow public use of their tracks outside of scheduled events, so make a few phone calls until you find one to use near you. The reason you see so many new runners (and not a few experienced ones) going out too hard and blowing up early has to do with the gap between their expectations and their physical ability. It consists of 8 x 400s (8 full laps around the track) with 200 meter strides in between in each lap. — Warmup: Run easily for 20-25 minutes; follow with 6 x 20-second strides. Brooks Bedlam Shoe Review, 2018 Girl Scouts Tagalong Trot Race Recap. Here is a sample middle distance repeat workout for a runner wishing to find his or her 5k pace. 1. Of course, there’s nothing magical about 20 × 400. If you live in Timbuktu and can’t find a running track nearby, find a looping, flat, residential street, a long stretch of bike path, or even an abandoned parking lot and measure out a course. Your body also becomes better at clearing lactate: race-day red line speed rises.”. xo, © 2015 rUnladylike | Privacy Policy & Disclosures. Interspersing middle distance repeats with adequate recovery intervals allows you to maintain good posture and form, and your muscles to relax and clear lactate.
Time spent on the track isn't glamorous, but a healthy body and solid race results make every lap worthwhile. How to Safely Progress Your Interval Training, How to Tap into the Benefits of Interval Training, The Benefit of Changing Up Your Interval Intensity. Before the 1952 Games, he upped it to 40 x 400 daily. Early Bird Holiday Sale (Nov 10-15): Give the gift of a membership with Active Pass →, : Give the gift of a membership with Active Pass, For Best Results, Start Running On The Oval. This is easy to see coming if you’re running with a heart rate monitor because your BPM will be decidedly higher, even if you are running at the same pace as previous intervals.

This conundrum is especially problematic for runners.
I always wonder how to find our my speed pace and never really know the proper time I should be training in or what to do! The easiest way to accomplish interval repeat work is on a track. But in training, there’s just no reason to go that deep. He says to run them at your 5k pace, but here's the thing: I've never run a 5k, nor have I run a half-marathon so I don't know what my time should be. I had plantar fasciitis in the past and it has been gone for about 4 months now, so I am hesitant to incorporate speed work just yet. xo, […] Do not run your speed work paces faster than your current fitness will allow. Paired with a stopwatch or GPS running watch, you find out in a single afternoon what pace you are actually capable of, without the risks and expense of going all-out on a race. Reckless sprints are for kids and adults who don’t mind getting injured. Let me know if I can explain that better or answer more questions . Instagram: Common speed workouts I do include: 6 to 16 400-meter repeats with a 400-m recovery between each, 6 to 8 800-meter repeats with a 400-meter recovery between each, 5 x 1,000-meter repeats with a 400 … 4 (2007): 665-71. doi:10.1249/mss.0b013e3180304570. Or maybe they reason that since they did an easy 8-minute pace on a 10-mile training run, cracking under 7 minutes should be no problem for a measly 10 kilometers. The key is to start speed work based on your current fitness level not a goal fitness level you are not currently at that could cause injury. 400 Meter Training. The recovery between each repeat is a 200-meter, or half a lap, “float”—not a walk or slow jog, but more of a brisk trot. Very informative! Run the 400’s at 1-2 seconds per lap (4-8 seconds per mile) faster than your current 5K race pace and the 200’s at a pace that’s about a minute per mile slower than your 5K pace. SO helpful! Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. This is self-correcting to a certain point, but you’ll want to run your first one at a level of effort you think you can maintain for your last one. I love your blog, Sound advice. Once you’ve found that pace, it’s much easier to plan a strategy that will get you the fastest possible time at your next big event. It’s tough but the challenge is fun for me. Yes you will, Kristin!!! At the end of your last repeat, you should be just about cooked. The biggest thing to remember is to not get too aggressive. Yes, you should run 15 percent faster than your 5K pace for 100s, 12 percent faster for 200s, etc. I am using Runner’s World SmartCoach and thankfully it follows these rules too I’m excited to have a real outline for my speed work since I’ve got big goals for this spring! I recently started to work on my speed. I also mix up 400s, 600s, 800s and 1,200s occasionally in the same workout. However, any runner can benefit from a variation of 400 meter repeats once every 2-4 weeks depending on their training schedule. Plan to hit 20 × 400 four to six weeks before your goal race. Hi Jen! (Example: For 100s, I would multiply my current 5K pace in seconds (425 seconds per mile) by 15 percent (0.15). The actual distance covered isn’t crazy; it’s the mental challenge of breaking it up into so many pieces that makes it daunting. Thanks so much for stopping by Chaitali! Join Active Pass from PodiumRunner to access exclusive content, free books, 1,000s of training plans & more. It’s a proven way to increase your running efficiency and VO2 max, with performance benefits far surpassing long slow distance (LSD) and lactate threshold (LT) running.1 Moderately long efforts (4-10 minutes) at high intensity are also a great way to explore your upper velocities without the risk of your form falling apart, and the attendant wear and tear. I hope you’ll keep me posted on how your training goes. The term “middle distance” can be used to describe a range of lengths, from 800 meters to 2 miles. De Castella used to perform this workout weekly, but for most runners, tackling such a session every other week or even once every third or fourth week is plenty. Save the racing for race day. You can even throw in an easy jog around the track, if the extra distance won’t bother you, and you can let your heart rate come down while you’re doing it. Joyner suggested building up to doing 20 x 400 meters with a 200-meter jog after each repeat. (This will also help you keep track of how many you’ve done.). Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. No matter what distance you’re training for, 400-meter repeats are key for preparing you mentally and physically. While the symmetry of running exactly one lap around the track is appealing, you can also hit the roads or trails for a comparable session like a 20 x 1:00 hard, 1:00 easy fartlek. Yes, for running I use the same paces regardless of race type … the actual speed workouts just vary. — Cooldown: Run easily for 10-15 minutes, stretch, refuel. Alternatively, if you’re focused on shorter races like 5Ks, you might start with shorter, speedier intervals, progressing from 20 × 200 to 20 × 300 to 20 × 400, each time with a 200-meter jog recovery. 0.15, 0.12, etc.) It’s a great resource! The pace of the workout would fluctuate “depending if Rob was recovering in the winter versus when he was in peak shape and flying,” recalled Derek Froude in Michael Sandrock’s Running With The Legends. On paper, a session of 8 x 400-meter repeats gives the illusion of an easy workout; but executed properly, these one-lappers can be a real doozy. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Simply increase or decrease the warm up, cool down, recovery distance or number of interval repetitions to fit this workout into your training plan. The 400-meter distance was ideal, Ryun said, because “it’s short enough that you can run pretty fast, but you can recover and do it again and again.” Here’s how to harness the power of repetition in your own training. As an example, if your current 5K pace is 7:05/mile, that means you would run your intervals at the following paces: To make the process even simpler, you can use speed work pace calculator charts based on your current 5K time. The key to this session is that you never completely recover before starting the next 400-meter interval, and as the workout progresses you’ll be forced to work harder to maintain the same pace at which you started out. While you might run 100-meter and 200-meter repeats if you are training for a 5K or 10K, you would likely do more 400-m, 800-m and 1-mile repeats if you are training for longer distance races. Standard running tracks are almost perfectly flat, so your pace won’t be altered by elevation. Photo 1 courtesy of See-ming Lee via Flickr CC BY 2.0.

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